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Colette sat before the pile of paperwork on her desk and rubbed her eyes. There was the bill from the produce company, the bill from the dairy, payroll, invitations for Linguini and Remy to appear on cooking programs, bills from the contractor they'd hired to modify the kitchen for Remy's use ...

She wanted to cook. Not do paperwork. Running the restaurant meant too much of the second and too little of the first.

"Darling?" There was Linguini, skating in from the dining room in his maitre d' tuxedo with an envelope in his hand. "Sorry. I got something else in the mail I think you might want to see."

Colette glanced up, eyes not far from a glare. "If it is the stupid butcher again, tell him we'll pay the rest of the bill when he apologizes for sending us steaks that were more gristle than meat."

"Huh?" Linguini jammed his hands in his pockets. "No, no, I took care of that. It's -- here." He handed his girlfriend an envelope postmarked from Maryland with the Fandom High seal in the corner. With a sigh, Colette reopened it and skimmed the enclosed letter as rapidly as she could. Of course Americans had sent her a letter in English.

She looked tentative but happy when her eyes came back to Linguini. "They want me to teach a cooking class to teenagers," she said in a tone of wonder. "Starting next week."

"I saw," Linguini answered. "Do -- do you want to go?"

Colette looked at the stack of paper on her desk and knew the answer was yes. She loved cooking at Ratatouille, and she loved Linguini, but it was time for her to do something else. Something in a place without rats.

Still, she concealed her desire behind a snort. "Americans. Isn't all they eat McDo's and fried cheesecake? I doubt I could teach them to cook."

"Anyone can cook," Linguini reminded her, hands on her shoulders now. "Colette, I know you. And I know how much this restaurant means to you. But I can tell you don't really like just being around the rats all day. You miss other cooks. A break -- might be good for both of us."

She reread the letter. "It would only be to the end of the year," she said. "I might -- I could take some classes myself while I was there, and we have money for visits now. You really think I should --?"

"Yes," Linguini said. "I really think you should."

And so the preparations began.

{NFB due to distance. OOC is delicious.}


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