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Aug. 3rd, 2012 08:53 am
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"Allo, c'est Colette. Laissez-moi un message au signal, s'il vous plait.

If you do not speak French, this is Colette's phone. Please leave a message -- and learn French. Au revoir!"

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Colette actually remembered she had an office this week.

Granted, this was largely because her cookbooks lived there and she needed to study for the class on pastries on Tuesday. But she was there with the door open if anyone needed her help.

[OOC: Open office, of course.]
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Colette wasn't sure work on a Saturday was in her contract, but she didn't want to miss any parents. She'd fill the time working on the Ratatouille cookbook with Remy on the other end of a webcam connection.

... In other words, she was talking recipes with a rat. No: Arguing recipes with a rat.

Visitors who understood French would hear Collette scolding, //You cannot put as liter of cream into that sauce, that is just obscene. It doesn't taste nearly that rich.//

Remy appeared to vehemently disagree.
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Colette wasn't sure if parents would be on campus early enough to catch her in the office, but she was prepared for them anyhow. This meant she had her chef jacket at hand and a few simple snacks in her office fridge.

The office door was cracked and, unless someone visited, Colette was going to spend her office hours trading emails with Horst. She didn't believe a word the man said, but that made his rendition of Paris restaurant gossip that much more entertaining.
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Colette had decided the coffeemaker in the teacher lounge had been specifically engineered to make only inedible coffee. Possibly it was part of an agreement with the Perk to force teachers there; she wasn't sure.

In any case, it meant she was spending her office hours shopping online for a reliable coffeemaker she could keep in her office. The office door was open and she had a New Order CD playing as background music.

{Open office though I may be slow!}
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Colette sat before the pile of paperwork on her desk and rubbed her eyes. There was the bill from the produce company, the bill from the dairy, payroll, invitations for Linguini and Remy to appear on cooking programs, bills from the contractor they'd hired to modify the kitchen for Remy's use ...

She wanted to cook. Not do paperwork. Running the restaurant meant too much of the second and too little of the first.

And then she got a letter... )

{NFB due to distance. OOC is delicious.}
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Colette Tatou was, as she tells us in Ratatouille, "the toughest cook" in famed chef Auguste Gusteau's kitchen. She worked incredibly hard in what she sees as the sexist world of haute cuisine to get to that position. Viewing cooking as a form of art, she is meticulous about technique and ingredients. However, she lacks the spark of imagination that would take her from "very good" to "great" -- as she tells someone she's mentoring, her job is to follow recipes, not create them.

She's blunt and can be abrasive toward others, especially if she feels challenged and they strike her as stupid or incompetent. She's completely capable of threatening or slamming knives around to make a point. However, if someone rolls with her and accepts that she generally knows what she's talking about, she relaxes and becomes a good friend.

She'll be tough on her students as a teacher, but not out of bounds, and she's generally more easy-going when she's off-duty.

She is very very French (duh), and speaks English as a second language, weeth a theek accent that I won't be typing out. And she looks a lot like Janeane Garofalo with no glasses, because Janeane was her voice actress, she has more or less the right coloring, and I love her lots.

Class Roster + Syllabus )

So, you want to poke a cranky woman who has knives ... (or, how to earn a detention) )

She could use a good TA or two! Comment here for great RNG justice. All comments are screened -- I'll unscreen non-TA-related stuff.


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